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FSD Automotive Media provides editorial work to newspapers, magazines and websites.

A team of skilled writers road tests every car, stays on top of every automotive trend, and covers everything from the new models to the latest accessories.

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What Happens When Your Electric Car Runs Out of Battery?

Range anxiety. It’s two words you’ll hear from everybody when talking about electric cars. How far can you go on a charge? How long does it take to recharge? What happens if you run out of charge?

First Drive: Peugeot 308 GT Plug-in Hybrid

The outgoing 308 marked a shift in Peugeot design, but this new model takes that and turns it up to 11…

Driven: Genesis G70

It’s not often an entirely new manufacturer launches, which is why we’ve got the keys to a Genesis G70. It’s the Korean’s take on a luxury saloon, targetting the BMW 3 Series with laser-like precision.

Driven: MG ZS EV Review

Placing value and practicality over everything else, the MG ZS EV is arguably the most sensible family EV you could choose.

DS 3 Crossback E-Tense vs Peugeot e-2008

Sensible practicality vs chich French style. This is a tale of two identical, yet hugely different, electric cars.

Coffee Conversion Leaves Suzuki Jimny LCV Full of Beans

Suzuki has kitted out a Jimny LCV as a mobile coffee bar, supporting events across its car, motorcycle, ATV and marine divisions.

Toyota Launches Low-Riding Street-Racing Hilux Revo GR Sport Pickup

Toyota is taking the crossover trend to extremes, marrying the rugged capabilities of the Hilux pickup truck with the racing credentials of its Super GT race cars to create the Revo GR Sport.

British Bucket List Cars to Blow Your Lottery Win On

We all dream of going on a car buying spree, should our numbers come up in the lottery, so here’s a list of the rarest, and finest, British cars you could buy with a life-changing win.

Why Is Car Maintenance so Important?

As a car owner, keeping on top of your car maintenance is what prevents you from getting stranded or running into bigger issues with your car. Performing regular checks can help you to spot smaller problems before they become more difficult to solve. Without this knowledge, you could end up

Tested: Ring Smart Tyre Inflator

Do we need a Bluetooth-connected tyre inflator? Ring thinks so and has launched a Smart Tyre Inflator that pairs with an app on your smartphone.

Genesis Starts Its European Luxury Car Journey

A new luxury car brand will be arriving in the UK this summer as Genesis readies itself to launch into competitive European markets.

Driven: Fiat Talento

Badge engineering at its finest; the only difference between this Fiat Talento and the Renault Trafic it’s based on is the badge. Should still you buy one?

Driven: Subaru Forester e-Boxer

Subaru operates in a slightly odd space, almost embarrassed by its glorious rallying heritage and now only making sensible SUVs like the Forester and XV.

Four Accessories Every New Driver Needs for Their First Car

Getting your first car is one of those things all drivers remember. A car is an important responsibility and expense, and you have to take care of it right from the beginning

First Drive: Ford Puma

Remember the Ford Puma coupe, so beloved of driving enthusiasts and still enjoying a following 20 years on from its introduction? Well, now it’s an SUV.

Why Do Some Cars Appreciate While Others Depreciate?

Among the many hidden costs of a new car is depreciation. From the moment you drive off the forecourt, you’ll find that your purchase begins to lose value…