The Qashqai has been a spectacularly successful vehicle for Nissan, selling nearly three times more than expected, with the Japanese firm shifting an ever-increasing number every year. Single-handedly responsible for inventing the C-segment crossover, the Qashqai has attracted competition from no less than 14 rivals since it came along inContinue Reading

Nissan’s Note was a worthy if unremarkable small MPV. Easy to drive, but lacking any kind of wow factor, it was exactly the sort of car that a power-hungry, oversteer-loving road tester would avoid. Now there’s a new Note, so does this one strike a chord or is serving upContinue Reading

Nissan LEAF 2013 665x297

It may have had the mildest blink-and-you-miss-it facelift, but underneath the skin there have been plenty of revisions to extend not only the range of Nissan’s pure electric car, but also the appeal. I took a quick drive to find out if it’s worked.Continue Reading