Peugeot 208 2015 620x277

Look back at 2012 and you might remember that the Peugeot 208 was something of a talking point in the world of small cars. Its predecessor, the 207, had presented Peugeot to the world as a company that had rather lost its way; the car was too heavy and tooContinue Reading

Peugeot RCZ R 2013 620x250

The recent launch of the Peugeot RCZ R provided an excellent car with which to attack some spectacular roads in the mountains above Nice. Some words on the screen and a selection of pictures doesn’t always do justice to the event though, so Peugeot filmed our time with them.Continue Reading

Peugeot is on a bit of a roll right now. The 208, despite its flaws, marked a huge step forward for the French firm, while its bigger 2008 brother showed that they can turn out a car that’s amongst the best in class. The 308 is huge jump forwards inContinue Reading

Peugeot 2008 2013 665x297

Peugeot’s 208 has sold like the proverbial hotcake since launch last year, with 35,000 of the cars now cruising around Britain’s roads. The French manufacturer is now hoping to keep that momentum going with a jacked-up crossover variant, the 2008.Continue Reading

It might look like a van with windows, but the Peugeot Partner Tepee shares more with the 308 hatchback than it does with any commercial load-lugger. Those van-like looks actually mask what is a surprisingly capable car. Granted, you won’t want to be looking in this direction if high performanceContinue Reading