Spending almost a decade finding an ever-growing number of buyers, the old A5 Cabriolet built a reputation as a safe and solid car, but one with sporting pretensions and a very premium presentation. It delivered as well, just so long as you didn’t question the sporting side too hard. ThisContinue Reading

Does the world really need two-tonne behemoths with massive V8 engines? No, but let’s have some fun anyway, said Land Rover and Audi. While it’s been around for a little while now, the Range Rover Sport still sells well, and in SDV8 form promises to be both ludicrously quick andContinue Reading

As I write this, Spring finally appears to have sprung. There are daffodils appearing in places I never planted them in the garden, doves are waking me up in the early hours of the morning with their relentless cooing, and hay fever has already shown itself to be as unpleasantContinue Reading