Bentley Mulsanne Speed 2015 620x277

Under normal circumstances it wouldn’t be terribly sensible to pound down the outside lane of a motorway at 160mph in the pouring rain. These were not normal circumstances. For starters, we were in Germany driving on an unrestricted autobahn and, on this stretch at least, it was relatively free ofContinue Reading

The original Continental Flying Spur was a successful product for Bentley, selling around 20,000 cars since its introduction in 2005. In dropping the Continental badge from the name Bentley is making a statement of intent that China and the USA, where owners prefer to ride in the rear, is whereContinue Reading

When somebody hands you the keys to a car with a price tag of £171,397 you expect something special. They also expect it back in one piece. Is the Bentley Continental GT V8 Convertible special enough to warrant the asking price, and did I manage to keep it on theContinue Reading