Why Is Car Maintenance so Important?

As a car owner, keeping on top of your car maintenance is what prevents you from getting stranded or running into bigger issues with your car. Performing regular checks can help you to spot smaller problems before they become more difficult to solve.

Without this knowledge, you could end up having to pay a considerable amount to a garage to get things fixed. Car dealers Jardine Motors looked into the UK’s knowledge on car maintenance to find out what essential know-how is missing and where.

Key Findings on Car Maintenance

When looking at the dashboard, it was found that 80% of those surveyed wouldn’t know how to identify the correct warning light if there was a problem with their anti-lock brakes (ABS). This is an essential thing to know as it is the primary system involved in preventing your car from skidding when braking sharply – like in an emergency situation.

Over half of people surveyed also said that they:

  • Could not change a flat tyre when required (58%)
  • Don’t know how they would check their brake fluid levels (63%)
  • Aren’t aware of how to go about checking their car battery (64%)

While the first on this list is something which breakdown cover can assist with, it’s handy to have the necessary equipment and knowledge to do it. As for checking your brake fluid and car battery, these are crucial maintenance tasks which drivers should be able to do. These are two things that can prevent your car from braking properly or even starting in the first place if things go wrong.

In terms of preparedness for performing key safety checks, female drivers come out on top of their male counterparts. 56% of the male drivers surveyed were unable to carry out several of the safety checks mentioned, compared to just 47% of female drivers.

Geographically, drivers in Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham all lagged behind in terms of their car maintenance knowledge. Around six out of every ten people surveyed in each of these cities answered every question wrong on average.

Getting Your Car Serviced Regularly

For those who don’t feel comfortable maintaining their car and would prefer to leave it up to the experts – that’s all good. Investing the money and getting your car serviced regularly has several benefits:

So, if you’re not happy carrying out maintenance checks yourself and would prefer to let the professionals handle it, you can rest assured your vehicle will be in good hands by going to a reputable garage.

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