SPONSORED  British Bucket List Cars to Blow Your Lottery Win On

We all dream of going on a car-buying spree, should our numbers come up in the lottery. We make lists, check them twice, and then scrap it all and make another list. The fastest cars? Maybe the rarest cars? Only blue cars?

If you’re spending untold millions on the lotto win funded ultimate garage of envy, you’re going to want cars that few others have and keep them home-grown.

So here’s a list of some of the rarest, and finest, British cars you could buy with a life-changing win.

Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake

We open with a practical one, ish. The Aston Martin Vanquish is hardly a common car, but the special Zagato-bodied variants do wonders for exclusivity.

Less than 100 exist of each of the variants, which include a Speedster, a Volante, a coupe and a shooting brake. The latter is the one to go for though. Why? Just look at it! Such a special car and there are a few for sale. Yours for £500,000 plus…

PriceRarityPowerTop Speed
£500,000+65603 hp201 mph
Bentley Mulliner Bacalar

What’s a lotto win without a flying B on the drive? This is the rarest, most special Bentley currently made. The Bacalar is the stately British marque stretching its creative muscles, being the first product of its Mulliner division.

Entirely customisable and impossibly exclusive, this is a return to coachbuilding for Bentley.

Just 12 are being made so, should your numbers come in, get on the line to Bentley or set up an alert in the classifieds. It’s a touch more expensive than the Aston, at a £1.8 million starting price…

PriceRarityPowerTop Speed
£1,800,000+12659 hp200+ mph
McLaren F1

There’s a touch more expensive, and then there’s this. What could possibly forever be known as the greatest supercar ever made is the McLaren F1.

Fewer than 70 road cars, which were the fastest cars in the world at the time, were made when production stopped in the 1990s. Despite that, for a time in the early 2000s they could be had for as little as £300,000.

Now, on the rare occasion they do go up for auction, they can easily pass the £10 million mark…

PriceRarityPowerTop Speed
£10,000,000+64627 hp240 mph
Jaguar XJR-15

Jaguar’s forgotten 1990s supercar makes the XJ220 look like a Ford Fiesta in terms of rarity.

Packing a racing V12 and a carbon fibre tub, the XJR 15 was Jaguar’s Le Mans car for the road. Just 53 were made and if you can find one, you’ll be expected to cough up a couple of million…

PriceRarityPowerTop Speed
£2,000,000+50450 hp191 mph
Rolls-Royce Boat Tail

Rolls-Royces are for people with real money, right? Well, nothing says real money more than getting together a couple of your rich mates and commissioning the creation of an all-new model, just for you. That’s how the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail came to be.

Just three were created, and they’re all sold now. If you hit the jackpot, Rolls-Royce is just a phone call away, should you want a Roller designed and built from the ground up just for you. And you do, don’t you?

Just keep eight figures of that Lotto win handy for the privilege.

PriceRarityPowerTop Speed
£2,000,000+3571 hp155 mph
Austin Allegro Equipe

Or… you could get Austin’s hot hatch humdinger.

It’s probably closer to couch-built than coach-built, and it won’t rival the McLaren’s Le Mans win, but it is one of the rarest British cars on the road today.

In fact, we’re just a couple of MOT test failures away from our roads being Equipe-less. You want British exclusivity? Never mind Aston, here’s an Austin…

PriceRarityPowerTop Speed
£5,000890 hp100 mph

Phil is a part-time car hoarder and full-time automotive writer for print and web. Nominated for the Headline Auto Rising Star award and an MGMW member, Phil freelances for outlets as diverse as Diesel Car magazine, Which? and Regit Cars.